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New to Yoga?

Check out the below links and guides for new yoga students. Our classes our made for all levels. Feel free to jump in and start sweating with us! 

Yoga Pose

What to Expect

Each class is prepared and taught by a certified instructor consisting of a specific yoga sequences.


Class will range from heated to hot reaching 80-100+ degrees Fahrenheit with up to 40% humidity.


Each class will be 45 or 60 minutes  in length with a savasana in the beginning and end of class. 

Yoga Mats

What to Bring

We recommend you bring plenty of water, towel, and personal yoga mat.

We offer straps, blocks, and community yoga mats for 1 day usage (free). 

Yoga Pose


Common Yoga Poses:

  • Down Dog (our favorite) 

  • High Crecent Lunge 

  • Low Lunge 

  • Warrior I & II 

  • Chair Pose 

  • Tree Pose 

  • Child's Pose 

  • Half Pigeon

What is Savasana? 

Savasana, or shavasana is the Sanskrit name for an important restorative asana. It is a key component of asana practice in almost every yoga tradition, and is most commonly used at the end of a sequence as a means of relaxation and integration. 

At Down Dog Yoga & Lifestyle Studio, our classes consist of a mini savasana in the beginning of class to set a good intention for your practice and a closing savasana ~5 minutes to end the practice in a meditative state. 

We recommend a cell phone free environment to unplug and fully be present during your practice

Guadian Approval for Minor 

If you are under 18 and would like to sign up for a class, you must have a guardian's approval and signature when signing up. Your guardian will approve your liability waiver as well.

Students must be at least 13 years of age to participate in one of our heated or hot classes.

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